Modern Fossils (2018)

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This collection is the latest “stop” of my year long research “journey” on producing new materials, to combine plastic arts and jewelry making.

Acrylic substances blend with natural minerals, resulting in a new element: my main ingredient.

Circles and spheres interact in space, resulting in new shapes: my main cores.

This combination generates new structures with multiple layers, other visible and other demolished, still carrying the memory of their original shape. Remains of ancient fossils? Fragments of Cycladic vessels? In either case transforming organic structures, that try to find their spot on the human body and become wearable pieces of art.

Exhibited on November 2018 / huit de coeur gallery, Paris – March 2019 / Popeye loves Olive, Munich jewellery week – March 2019 / Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Athens